Kim Kardashian Wore Yeezy's On a Date With Pete Davidson and Twitter Simply Cannot Deal

If you thought nothing could shock you more than the fact that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are apparently dating now, how about this new development? Earlier this week, Kim and Pete seemed to confirm their coupled-up status when they were photographed holding hands on a stroll in Palm Springs. Turns out, however, that the PDA is not the most interesting thing about the pictures.

As People reports, many fans quickly spotted (and died over) the fact that Kim was wearing a pair of Yeezy Boost 700s in the pics (which you can take a look at here). Stepping out holding hands with your new man? A choice. Wearing shoes from your ex-husband’s line on that obviously-going-to-photographed outing? A CHOICE.

The pictures are, understandably, making people feel things and many are sharing those feelings on Twitter (god bless). Here’s a sampling of some of the best reactions to the moment, which is either instantly iconic or cutthroat as hell, depending on who you ask.

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