Kimora Lee Simmons Got Into A Fight Over A Parking Spot

I remember a time when Kimora Lee Simmons‘ Baby Phat line was the top choice for all the bougie chicks in the ‘hood, which is ironic because that clothing line’s prices guaranteed Kimora would never have to live in the ‘hood.  Flash forward to the present day and Kimora is still pretty rich and maybe still just a bit ‘hood. Recently in L.A., Kimora got into a fight over a parking spot at a FedEx. I’m really not sure what’s going on here but my first thought was; Why the fuck are you driving yourself to FedEx?

According to TMZ, Kimora broke out some sweet Slap-A-Bitch techniques last week when she and another unidentified woman went toe-to-toe over a damn parking spot. The two women began arguing and the situation escalated into a shoving match before Kimora jumped in her car and drove off. This is such a traumatic story because we never find out if she actually went into the FedEx or not. I want answers! I also realize that this is a very common thing that unites us as humans, because I know people who start wars whenever someone steals their parking spot. However, Kimora, No. Why are you acting like this? Don’t you know we live in troubling times where people will call the cops on you for barbecuing in the park? Shoving a bitch over one parking spot is a guaranteed phone call to the police, which is exactly what her sparring partner did as soon as she got home.

The cops were called by the other woman — who filed a battery report against Kimora — but later in the day … Simmons contacted police and filed one of her own against the lady.

We’re told cops are looking into it and plan to pull surveillance footage of the incident.

Kimora has gone from catwalks to cat fights. Perhaps she’s starting to feel the pressure from her husband’s recent guilty plea in a pending embezzlement case and her Scrooge McDuck sized bank account is starting to hemorrhage. However, don’t take your rich ass woes out on the common folks because we’re not here for your first world problems. All of this could have been avoided if you would have just taken an Uber.



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