Kylie Jenner has a color-coordinated closet for her designer handbags, plus more proof stars are nothing like us

From gifting a Mercedes-Benz to purchasing the most expensive property in Los Angeles, is highlighting the latest celebrity stories that prove how the stars are truly nothing like the rest of us. Kicking off our February 2020 list is… Kylie Jenner! If you don’t have enough purses to fill an entire closet, are you accessorizing correctly? On Feb. 16, 2020, the media mogul took to her Instagram Story to show off her lavish color-coordinated bag collection, which is valued well above six figures. (See some of the images here.) The closet — which is more like a room — boasts pieces from just about every luxury house you can imagine. From decadent Chanel flap bags to coveted Hermès Birkin bags, this billionaire has it all — in every color of the rainbow, no less! Keep reading to see which other stars are nothing like the rest of us…

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