Kylie Jenner’s Driver’s License Photo Has Twitter Spiraling

Young billionaire Kylie Jenner decided to post a flex on her Instagram yesterday evening: The 22-year-old shared a close-up look at her driver’s license photo. Was it bad, like many people’s? Absolutely not. It was a full glam shot:

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The post got over 6 million likes and comments from thousands, including her friend Harry Hudson, who quipped, “I thought this was a mugshot at first…🤣”

Twitter also had a lot to say about the photo. Some users were annoyed hers looked so good. “kylie jenner’s license photo, screams ‘LIFE IS UNFAIR!’ for some reasons…..” one user tweeted.

Others commented on the fact that she definitely had some lighting help for the photo. (Her sister Khloé Kardashian did her own driver’s license photo shoot, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Jenner did the same.) “lemme find out Kylie Jenner brought a whole entire ring light for her Drivers License photo,” one user wrote on Twitter.

And of course, others on the platform had jokes and some witty observations about Jenner’s choice to share her license photo with her millions of followers on Instagram.

“i aspire to have Kylie Jenner posting her drivers license photo on Instagram level of self confidence,” one wrote.

“someone posted ‘drop the credit card info too’ under kylie jenners license photo I’m dying,” another pointed out.

A third user pointed out what the Instagram post really meant about Jenner’s headspace as she remains in quarantine: “Boredom level: kylie Jenner posting her drivers license pic on Instagram,” the user wrote.


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