Lamar Odom's Daughter on the 'F–ked Up' Way She Learned He Was on Life Support

In a joint interview, the father-daughter duo relive his hospitalization.

Destiny Odom found out her father had been hospitalized following a drug overdose the same time everyone else did: once it hit the news.

Sitting down with dad Lamar Odom in a preview clip from tonight’s "Nightline," the athlete’s 20-year-old daughter with ex Liza Morales reveals how she learned her dad was on life support after four days in a brothel in 2015.

"I think we found out from TMZ actually," she told Juju Chang. "A family friend called us and was like, ‘Are you ok? Heard Lamar’s on life support,’ and we were like, what?!"

When asked how it made him feel that she had to hear it like that, Odom said, "That’s f–ked up."

Destiny said seeing her father in the hospital, near death, was a "pretty traumatic" experience for her. "I thought it was going to be my last moments with him," she recalled. "I couldn’t believe it, was just in a state of shock."

"I just told him that I need him, to be here and to be present with me and just to fight," Destiny said she told him as he lay unconscious.

Recalling his rehabilitation following his hospitalization, Odom said he was "scared" to learn there were moments Destiny would talk to him and he just stared back, blankly.

"And I get up one morning and can’t walk, can’t walk, shitting on my self like a baby," he continued. "It was tough. Then I’m asking myself why and how."

In the book, Odom detailed how Khloe Kardashian sprang to action following his overdose. Though they were no longer together, she was still technically his wife and called all the shots. This allegedly lead to a showdown of sorts between the Kardashians and Lamar’s family, who refused to sign non-disclosure agreements Odom said Khloe approached them with.

"In the middle of the chaos, they were still trying to protect their brand," wrote Lamar, who did go on to praise both Khloe and Kim Kardashian for never leaving his side while he was unconscious.

Odom’s memoir, "Darkness to Light" is available now.

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