Laura Ingraham Has No Clue Netflix Hit 'You' Exists, Gets Hilarious Lesson

Somewhere Laura Ingraham is still confused as hell about what happened on her own show Monday night — an exchange with her guest that she unwittingly turned into a classic comedic moment.

So, Ingraham was chatting with Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo about “woke storylines” in Hollywood productions when he brought up “You” — the Netflix show, that is — and an episode that mentioned measles.

But, Laura immediately thought he was talking about her, and it was painfully clear she’s not aware “You” is a thing. With a horribly confused look on her face, she said, “When did I mention measles?”

Now, Raymond’s confused too, and yells back at Laura, “No! It was on “You!'” — which only enrages her more. You gotta see it.

Folks of a certain age (and knowledge) will see this as a modern, and accidental, take on Bud Abbott and Lou Costello‘s classic, “Who’s on First?”

Sounds like Ingraham might be binging 3 seasons of “You” this weekend.

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