Lil Pump Arrested in Miami After Getting Kicked Out of Flight

AceShowbizLil Pump has once again found himself getting in trouble with the law. The 18-year-old rapper was kicked off a flight to Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon, December 13 after TSA allegedly found drugs in his luggage, according to TMZ.

The site reported that Pump and his crew had already boarded the plane when a flight attendant told them there was an issue they needed to deal with. They then were met by Miami police officers at the terminal after security found “significant amount” of drugs in a checked bag with the rapper’s name on it. As a result of that, the flight was delayed over an hour.

Pump insisted that he was not carrying drugs during interrogation. A source later revealed that it was indeed true that drugs were not found in his bag. According to the source, TSA flagged a bag that smelled like weed and was “mistagged.” Despite that, the “Drug Addicts” rapper and his manager were still arrested because they allegedly became disorderly during interrogation.

Reps for Pump have yet to address the report.

This arrives a little more than a week after the rapper and his crew were detained in Copenhagen as one of them was seen “holding something illegal.” During the incident, Pump decided to take out his phone and live-stream the process on Instagram Live. He then gave a cop a middle finger behind his back, though they later caught him red-handed while he was doing his antics. Him taunting the cop only led to him being detained for much longer.

The two incidents marked the third and fourth time Pump got himself in legal trouble this year. In February, he was arrested for allegedly firing a gun inside his San Fernando Valley home. The “I Like It” hitmaker was later arrested in Miami only six months later for driving without a valid license.

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