Lisa Vanderpump Claps Back After She’s Called Out For Seeing Daughter Amidst Stay At Home Order

After a hater criticized Lisa Vanderpump for reuniting with her daughter amidst California’s ‘shelter in place’ order, the reality star fired back to explain why she wasn’t breaking any rules.

Lisa Vanderpump spent some time with her daughter, Pandora, on April 27, and she documented it on Instagram. The Vanderpump Rules star shared a photo of herself and Pandora catching up in the backyard, surrounded by dogs. “Finally, after months of isolating, I see my daughter,” Lisa captioned the photo. Of course, she’s referring to the fact that she and Pandora have been quarantined separately amidst coronavirus stay-at-home regulations, which means they haven’t been able to see each other. Well, one critic thought it was still too soon for the pair to be reuniting.

“California hasn’t lifted shelter in place,” the person commented on Lisa’s post. “She shouldn’t be visiting you…you are high risk…age/smoke. Very disappointing you promoting this on social media. Ignorant…just keep it to yourself if you are breaking rules.” Lisa caught wind of the comment, and issued a response to the hater. “Actually…I haven’t been to the grocery store or left my house or seen anyone for 6 weeks, to be sure we aren’t contagious” Lisa fired back. “Now we are isolating together…”

Once Lisa weighed in, hundreds of people also left comments. Many defended Lisa for spending six weeks making sure she was safe enough to see her daughter, while slamming the critical commenter for not minding their own business.

Finally, after months of isolating, I see my daughter! #reunited

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But, of course, there were also many people who disagreed with Lisa’s decision. However, Lisa is no stranger to the critics, and has had no problem clapping back in the past, so it’s no surprise to see her firing back in this case. Luckily, Lisa and Pandora are now together and can spend the rest of their quarantine with one another.

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