Little Mix Say Record Label Told Them To Flirt With ‘Important Men’

Talk about Down & Dirty!

Little Mix are reminding us all this week that sexism is alive and well in the music industry (not to mention everywhere else).

In an interview with ASOS magazine, the group revealed some pimps record execs actually told them to flirt to get their music played!

Jade Thirlwall said:

“We went to a radio event in America, full of VIPs. Someone from the label said, ‘Go and flirt with all those important men.’”

Ewwww! Seriously?? What kind of chauvinist B.S. is that?

So how did they respond??

“I was like, ‘F**k off. Why have I got to go in and flirt to get my song on the radio?’”

Good for you, gurl!

You do NOT need to take that crap! Not only were they told to exploit their sexuality, they were also diminished on the creative end. Jade continued:

“In the beginning, we were told we shouldn’t be involved in our music videos. One producer told us we shouldn’t be writing, we should just be given songs.”

They aren’t wind-up toys like at Chuck E. Cheese! They’re adult women with points of view!


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