Loren Gray Dishes On Her 18th Birthday Plans During Quarantine

Loren Gray is opening up about what she’s going to do for her 18th birthday!

The 17-year-old singer recently spoke with ET and the LA “lockdown” actually ends on her big day (April 19).

“Safer at home ends on my birthday, on my 18th birthday. I’m coming out of quarantine an adult. It’s really weird,” Loren said. “I have no idea [how to celebrate]. I can’t make any plans or anything. I don’t know if my parents will be able to come by the time… I’m just seeing what happens. I’m not a big celebration person, I don’t need a big party. I just want to hang.”

“We’ll celebrate it later. I don’t need to do it on the day. When everything’s safe. I think safety is more important,” she added.

Loren also dished on what she’s doing while stuck at home, including recording vocals for new music.

“That’s the mindset I’m in, is do what I can do, do what I can control, and stay productive. I feel like it can get depressing really fast, being home and not having anything to do. I think being productive is important.”

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