Mafia Gunning for COVID Vaccine Supplies, Cops Bracing for Theft Worldwide

Get ready to see COVID-19 vaccines on the black market, probably even before you can get it legally, because organized crime’s already gunning for the precious medication … according to Interpol.

The international agency issued the red alert (they call it an “Orange Notice”) Wednesday to law enforcement around the world … warning that as vaccines are getting approved, bad guys are “planning to infiltrate or disrupt supply chains.”

Translation: Interpol has some intel about crime figures attempting to intercept shipments of the vaccines — which are set for distribution to the public in the UK as soon as next week, and later this month in the United States.

International 5-0 is also warning the public not to fall for the inevitable flood of phony knockoff vaccines and treatments on the Internet … not to mention bogus testing kits.

It should go without saying, but cops are simply reminding you — don’t fall for the “it fell off a truck” line when it comes to protecting yourself from the coronavirus.

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