Martine McCutcheon, 45, shares weird symptoms as she thinks shes starting perimenopause

Martine McCutcheon thinks she is going through perimenopause at 45 years old, after suffering from mystery symptoms.

The former EastEnders star penned a candid post on social media about how she hasn't been able to "get [her] shizz together” in recent weeks, adding that she's feeling unwell.

Alongside a snap of herself pulling a face, Martine wrote on Instagram: "Todays vibe 'Oh sh**, b*gger, b***ocks and every other naughty word on the planet!' I've had the worst stomach bug and I just can’t get my shizz together the last week or so …

"On top of the Lyme [lyme disease] and Fibro [fibromyalgia] etc I definitely think I'm peri menopausal too… Oh Joy! I'm having symptoms for two weeks of the month and it's getting worse!"

In 2017, Martine was diagnosed with Lyme disease, which causes rashes and flu-like symptoms such as tiredness and fevers.

She also has the chronic pain condition fibromyalgia and in 2011, learnt that she had chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), which causes long-term fatigue making it hard to carry out active tasks.

This is the first time Martine has spoken publicly about perimenopause, a period in which sees women experience menopause symptoms ahead of their periods stopping. This can begin anywhere between years and months before the menopause arrives.

While many women may feel stressed about entering this stage of their lives, the TV star found the funny side amid her self-diagnosis as she likened the term to Nando’s.

“I keep wanting to say peri peri chicken (As in Nando's) Anyone else? Or am I the only classy lady making that link?" Martine joked, before she added: “It's such an individual thing and I feel it's time for me to address it for sure!

"At least I managed to get some slap on today! This loon is off! See you later alligator! #feelingloopy #tired #achy #mybestlookyet #nextchapter.”

The mum-of-one uploaded a photo of herself going cross-eyed on Instagram Stories as she shared a link to her latest post while Gnarls Barkley’s song Crazy played and followers reacted supportively to her in the comment section.

“Being a women is flippin hard work!! Keep going Martine! You’ve got this!” one fan wrote.

“We all need to be more open about the menopause!!!! #lovetthatyouarekeepingitreal take care lovely lady,” a second person commented, as another said: “It happens to the best of us! Do what you can when you can!”

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