Mary-Kate Olsen Meant to Keep Her Divorce from Olivier Sarkozy Private

Earlier this month, Mary-Kate Olsen filed for divorce from her husband Olivier Sarkozy, and things got messy very quickly. In the divorce documents, Mary-Kate said she is “petrified” that Olivier will force her out of their NYC apartment, and filed an emergency summons to protect her property, which was denied.

But the public divorce and all of the surrounding drama (see: reports that Olivier wanted Mary-Kate to be a stay-at-home wife and them clashing over having kids) seems pretty out of character for someone as private as Mary-Kate, right? Well, it looks like Mary-Kate wanted it to be a private matter. A source ~familiar with the situation~ told Page Six that the divorce papers were meant to be sealed, but New York courts are closed because of the pandemic. Therefore the documents had to go into an e-filing system, which meant that they weren’t automatically sealed and the public had access to her divorce drama.

According to a source, Mary-Kate is finding all of this divorce publicity “extremely difficult,” adding, “Mary-Kate is okay, but it would not have been her decision to end a marriage and move during a pandemic.” To make matters worse, it’s not like Mary-Kate and Olivier have toned things down now that their split has gone public. A source previously shared that the divorce has become “heated” and “It’s gotten very ugly between them.” Yikes!

Here’s hoping that Mary-Kate and Olivier can get this divorce over with as swiftly as possible!

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