Mask mandates across states are expiring & school mask requirements are being lifted

We may be heading out of the “full-blown pandemic stage” as Dr. Fauci has stated, but hospitals are still full with covid patients and there are over 2,000 people dying of covid in the US every day. The community transmission rate remains high across the US. The fact that even the more cautious states with Democratic governors are letting mask mandates expire soon blows my mind. Several states are also lifting mask mandates for schools. Meanwhile the CDC, which has made obvious missteps during the pandemic, continues to recommend indoor mask wearing. Here’s more, from NPR:

New York is lifting part of its indoor mask mandate, joining a growing list of states that are making similar adjustments.

Gov. Kathy Hochul announced at a briefing Wednesday that the statewide vaccine-or-mask requirement for businesses will end on Thursday, though masks will still be required in schools and some other places where people congregate, including health care facilities, shelters and public transit stations. Counties, cities and businesses can still choose to require masks, she added…

Hochul also said the state will reevaluate the mask mandate for schools in early March.

In a virtual meeting Tuesday, Hochul discussed the statewide school mask mandate with state and school officials and organizations.

“We certainly understand the frustration that a number of parents are articulating about the mask mandates that exist throughout the country,” said Jay Worona, the general counsel for the New York State School Boards Association. “We are hoping that all the decisions that are going fall into place are going to be consistent with what science and metrics are telling us.”

New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Oregon and California have all announced plans this week to lift their indoor mask mandates in February and March, pointing to the dramatic drop in daily new COVID-19 cases as the omicron surge recedes.

The move is being welcomed by some as a sign that states are learning to live with the virus, though it goes against Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance encouraging universal mask-wearing in schools. It also comes as high-quality masks are, at least theoretically, more accessible to all Americans.

[From NPR]

The mask mandate has been lifted in my state, Virginia, since May of last year, but I’ve never seen consistent mask wearing in my area. The idiotic new governor issued an executive order allowing parents to opt out school mask requirements and that’s about to become law. Children under five still can’t be vaccinated! I’m just tired and so disappointed in people. At some point early in the pandemic I naively believed that the US would adopt mask wearing like some Asian countries, and that we would get a handle on this pandemic. Instead we have the highest death rate in the world because of selfish a-holes, Republicans and misinformation. ‘Merica. To everyone who is immune compromised, who has vulnerable loved ones, who has children under five or who has lost loved ones, I’m so sorry. I will wear a mask in public for the rest of my life.

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