Master P & Son Hercy Challenging MN Rule, It's Stopping Kids From Hooping!!

Master P ain’t a politician, but he’s lobbying the peeps who run H.S. basketball in Minnesota … pleading with them to change a rule that limits players from crossing state lines to hoop.

TMZ Sports got P — and his star 17-year-old H.S. hoops playing son, Hercy Miller — in Beverly Hills on Tuesday … and we asked them about the younger Miller’s basketball career.

P tells us Hercy’s Minnehaha Academy squad is killin’ it (they beat Bronny James‘ Sierra Canyon team a few weeks back) … but says if a rule instituted by the body that governs H.S. sports isn’t changed, the team won’t get to compete for a national title.

“Minnesota is a great place. A lot of great talent, and I think [the law’s] gonna have to change real soon,” Master P says.

“This is just high school basketball. This is not a crime or nothing like that. The law should be changed. These kids should have the opportunity to go to other states and play and compete.”

Here’s the deal with the rule … high school athletes in Minnesota can only travel one state away to compete, thanks to a rule instituted by the Minnesota State High School League.

FYI, it’s not just Hercy and his teammates that are affected … the girls from Hopkins H.S. — one of the top-ranked teams in the nation — also are barred from competing.

But, P says people looking to fight for the kids aren’t powerless … and offer some advice on how to help.

“Man, y’all go out there and protest. Call your local legislator, get the government and all these different places to say, ‘give these kids a chance to compete for the national championship.'”

The national tourneys are coming up … so there’s not much time left, but P hopes Minnehaha has a chance to compete.

“Don’t you want to see the best play the best? If we’re not there you’re not gonna see the best.”

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