Maya Rudolph Plays Beyonce Taking on ‘Hot Ones’ Challenge in Hilarious ‘Saturday Night Live’ Sketch – Watch Now!

Maya Rudolph is taking on Beyonce!

While hosting the show on Saturday (March 27), Maya portrayed the entertainer on Saturday Night Live in a spoof sketch of the Hot Ones challenge.

SNL cast member Mikey Day put on a bald cap to play Hot Ones host Sean Evans as he tried to interview Beyonce while she eats chicken wings that are covered in extremely hot sauces.

“I’m from Texas baby,” Maya as Beyonce said while taking a bite out of a spicy wing.

When trying to talk about her childhood, Maya as Beyonce had some trouble eating the wing.

“I was a shy kid. Mmm this is good but it’s spicy. WHOA!” Maya‘s Beyonce exclaimed, before she started profusely sweating.

Mikey as Sean offered Beyonce a glass of milk, but apparently Beyonce doesn’t drink.

“I’m not gonna drink a big fat glass of milk on camera. That’s not a good look for Yoncé,” Maya as Beyonce said.

Mikey as Sean tried to get Beyonce to talk about Destiny’s Child, but she was still having some issues with the spicy wing.

“Sorry, I good. Your girls throat just closed up for a second. I’m good for the next wing,” Maya as Beyonce said before taking a bite of the next wing, which resulted in her calling on her hairstylist Michael Angelo (played by Kenan Thompson) to place “six ice cubes” under her wig.

Beyonce‘s publicist then came out ending the interview, demanding that they delete all the footage and audio before threatening everyone on set not to release any of the interview.

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