Megan Thee Stallion details 2015 arrest after mugshot surfaces

After a 2015 mugshot of Megan Thee Stallion surfaced on social media Tuesday, the Houston rapper took to social media to explain exactly why she was arrested: a public fight with her then-boyfriend that lead to a brief stint behind bars.

The “Hot Girl Summer” artist revealed on Instagram Live that, while attending SXSW in Austin with her boyfriend, she discovered that he had cheated on her and fathered a child with a woman he claimed to have only slept with once.

“At the damn concert!” she exclaimed. “Like, what a way for a bitch to find out your n—a cheated on you and had a baby … I was so mad, and you gotta know, my temper is bad.”

Megan claims she initially tried to walk away from him to calm herself — as the pair were in public — but he then began “pulling and pushing” her.

“It was toxic. It was fun at the time, but it was very toxic. But I was young and I thought that toxic s—t was cute, but it’s not! Do not let a n—a put hands on you, and don’t put your hands on no n—a … I was really trying to keep the peace, keep it player, because we in a public environment.”

She went on to say her six-foot-nine ex then snatched her phone, smashed it on the ground and proceeded to stomp on it. A witness to the spat called the police, who arrived after Megan began to fight back.

“When I was ready to give it to him, the motherf—king police pull up when I’m punching … now the police are here and I look like the aggressor.”

The couple continued to argue in front of the officers, who eventually asked Megan if her boyfriend hit her.

“I looked rough, my weave was to the side, my shirt jacked up, my pants dirty because he’s been pushing me … I say, ‘No officer, he didn’t hit me,’ because I don’t want him to go to jail!”

Her man, however, took a different course of action.

“The laws asked that n—a if I hit him and he said, ‘Yeah! She hit me in the eye.’ Bitch, you got to know they sent me straight to jail! Them hoes cuffed me, I ain’t never been cuffed in my life.”

She also recalled the cop car “smelling like piss” and says she stayed behind bars for two days.

The MC was last spotted getting cozy with fellow rapper G-Eazy, with both of them subsequently denying a rumored romance. 

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