Megan Thee Stallion in an emotional IG Live: ‘I didn’t deserve to get shot’

A few weekends ago, Tory Lanez shot Megan Thee Stallion. There was a larger group of friends and they were apparently driving around LA, going to various house parties. Outside one of the parties, Megan and Tory got into some kind of verbal disagreement. There was a report of shots fired, and Tory drove off with Megan in the SUV. The LAPD later pulled over the SUV and there’s a video of Megan hobbling out of the car, her feet bleeding. We later learned that the police took her to the hospital and she had been SHOT by Tory Lanez.

What followed after that was the typical 2020 stupidity. People were mocking Megan, they were criticizing her for various things, like “why were you even with him” or “why didn’t you do such-and-such.” Last week, Megan tweeted about how black women are “so unprotected, we hold so many things in.” I took that to mean that as a black woman, she didn’t want to press charges on a black man, someone she thought was her friend or boyfriend, in this current environment, but that she’s hurting and she needs people to see her trauma.

Then yesterday, Megan did an IG Live and she could barely get out what she wanted to say because she was so emotional and on-edge. She says that she was shot in BOTH FEET but the bullets didn’t get bone or anything and the spirits must have been looking out for her and protecting her. “I was shot in both of my feet, and I had to get surgery to … get the bullets taken out, and it was super scary…I know my mama and my daddy, my granny had to be looking out for me with that one cause where the bullets hit at, it missed everything.” She also says: “It was nothing for y’all to start going and making up fake stories about. I didn’t put my hands on nobody. I didn’t deserve to get shot.” She cries about losing her mom and how it’s difficult to go through this without her parents, without people she loves and trust around her. It’s honestly a heartbreaking video and she made me cry. Poor Megan. The fact that she has to go on social media and beg for people to treat her with compassion, to treat her with humanity.

— c (@chuuzus) July 27, 2020

Megan posted this IG yesterday with the comment “Unbreakable”:

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Instagram.

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