Meghan Markle Mom Doria Is Power Behind Throne

Meghan Markle’s mother is reportedly the power behind the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s decisions.

According to the Daily Mail, Doria Ragland, 62, who travels back and forth between Los Angeles and Windsor, has been Meghan, 38, and Prince Harry’s advisor on everything from living arrangements to staff issues!

The yoga instructor was allegedly responsible for deciding to lay off one of the nannies Meghan hired to work post birth, a source said.

Now rumors are flying that Harry could be a henpecked son-in-law.

“People think Doria is hippy-dippy and chilled out because she’s a yoga instructor,” an insider told the British publication. “But, like any mother, she’s hard as nails when it comes to protecting her daughter.”

Doria’s assistance amid Meghan’s very strict royal lifestyle may potentially earn her the title as her daughter’s most trusted adviser.

“These days, the Sussexes trust very, very few people even in their own respective families,” the source told the publication.

“Doria is one of the last family members either of them can turn to, and consequently she’s extremely influential in their lives.”

Before Meghan gave birth to her son by Harry, the couple secretly visited Doria at her L.A. home.

After the former Suits star had the boy, Doria has stuck close by her daughter’s side in England.

As readers know, Prince Harry and Meghan have sought greater freedom and privacy than royals in the past.

But Meghan’s plans to write a tell-all memoir were reportedly squashed by the Palace. Also, her and Harry’s plan to adopt rescue dogs was halted as the Queen’s banned any further animals in her home.

A Radar insider previously shared, “Meghan and Harry respect tradition but want the freedom to do their own work and promote their causes without being held back by any constraints.”

And that might include getting lots of advice from Doria, who has been divorced for years from Meghan’s dad, scandalous Thomas Markle.

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