Meghan McCain goes off on the ‘very obvious oppo dump on Meghan Markle’

Much like the hairstylists at The View, I’ve talked a lot of sh-t about Meghan McCain. To be fair to myself, Meghan McCain is usually pretty terrible. The last time we discussed her, she was saying absolute nonsense about Israel, the coronavirus vaccine and how Dr. Fauci should be fired because he doesn’t “understand science.” But guess what? Meghan McCain said something this week which shook me to my core: the truth!! She sat there on The View with her f–ked up hair and she went OFF about the “oppo dump” on the Duchess of Sussex, re: the “bullying palace aides” claim.

“Yeah this is really interesting because it’s a very obvious oppo dump on Meghan Markle. One of the things she’s being accused of in her abuse is emailing staffers early in the morning. So I think that’s obviously ridiculous on a lot of different levels. I think when it comes to leaks and oppo dumps against a subject whether it’s on talk shows, like it happens on this show, or in politics you always have to ask, ‘Who is benefiting and what do people gain by making a specific subject look bad?’ Right now they’re trying to make Megan Markle look really really bad including, um, accusing her of wearing diamond earrings that were gifted her by the prince of Saudi Arabia after Jamal Khashoggi was murdered. And these are all facts that have been I guess known for for many years, why are they coming out right now? They’re coming out right now because there’s a big Oprah interview coming out that’s probably going to make the palace look really bad…”

“[I have a question for the Palace:] Why is Meghan Markle’s earrings and her emailing early in the morning more important than Prince Andrew allegedly having sex with minors on Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedophile Island? Because that seems like a way bigger problem for you guys and instead you’re focusing on her. And I think we can’t ignore the elephant [in the] room that there’s probably a racial angle to this. There’s a lot of racism directed at this woman in a lot of different ways. She threatens a lot of people in the patriarchy, in lots of different areas and it just looks like they are bullying her in the press. I am going to be sitting watching the entire two in two hour interview…”

[Transcript via YouTube]

I swear to God the entire segment is like this. Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin and McCain went OFF. This bodes well. If someone like Meghan McCain can clearly see the Palace’s ham-fisted, amateurish clownery and racism, then the Sussexes will be just fine.

Screencaps courtesy of The View, CBS.

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