Megyn Kelly tried to attack Jemele Hill over the Bubba Wallace-NASCAR story

When I finally saw Bombshell, I hated the fact that Charlize Theron’s performance and the script made Megyn Kelly seem somewhat sympathetic, interesting and cool. I hated that because Megyn has shown herself to be a pretty typical right-wing troll. Sure, she’s done one or two good things in her life, but the bulk of her words and actions are just so problematic. She’s been using her Twitter to insult racial-justice protesters, cherrypicking videos to lend credence to her belief that the cops are always the “good guys” and protesters are always horrible. But then she picked up on the Bubba Wallace story – Wallace’s team found what they thought was a noose in his NASCAR garage at Talladega. The FBI investigated and found that it was a noose, but it was basically a garage door pull and it had been there since last year, meaning it wasn’t targeting Bubba Wallace, the only black NASCAR driver.

Instead of breathing a sigh of relief that no one was committing hate crimes against the only black man in a Confederate-flag-waving 99.9% white sport, Megyn decided to… come for Jemele Hill. Jemele left ESPN a few years ago because of disagreements with the network on how to handle stories like this – where sports, politics, race and racism all come together. Jemele left ESPN so she could continue to speak and cover the issues she wanted to cover. And Megyn has a problem with that:

— Megyn Kelly (@megynkelly) June 23, 2020

Megyn Kelly will remain problematic forever, won’t she? There’s so much wrong with this, with using the Wallace incident to attack Jemele. Megyn is putting a target on Jemele for hate from right-wing a–holes too. Anyway, Jemele decided that she had time last night:

— Jemele Hill (@jemelehill) June 23, 2020

— Jemele Hill (@jemelehill) June 23, 2020

— Jemele Hill (@jemelehill) June 24, 2020

Anyway, this is just a reminder that Jemele Hill is amazing and Megyn Kelly is a white supremacist who believes that Santa and Jesus are white. Have a good day!

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