Michael Rapaport Slammed Ariana Grande For Being Ariana Grande

If you look up the word “regret” in the dictionary you will find a picture of Ariana Grande with her 10 mile long ponytail and the Steve Urkel “Did I Do That?” face because her brief disruption of an ongoing Twitter war last weekend has led to a mudslide of drama. However, the person whose picture you won’t find under “regret” is that of formerly cookout-worthy white dude Michael Rapaport. He’s none too pleased with Ariana and had some very harsh words to say about her. And he has absolutely no regrets about what he said.

Last night, for whatever reason, Michael took to his Instagram page to talk a little trash about Ariana all while insulting Starbucks workers at the same time. Yes, this is the first time in life I’ve ever heard of a beef so vanilla it should come with a side of Karen’s raisin flavored potato salad.

Oh, Michael. Why for did you do that? These millennials ain’t here to play with you. Because reactions to posts like yours act faster than a bottle of Nix on crabs. And this really isn’t the time for such insensitivity because people live with their phones attached to their hands and will throw shade an shame at you like digital ninja stars.

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