Migos Victorious In Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Over ‘Walk It Talk It’

Migos have won a lawsuit accusing the hip-hop trio of stealing elements of their popular 2018 track, “Walk It Talk It” from a North Carolina-based rapper, Leander Pickett a.k.a M.O.S.

District Court Judge, Analisa Torres ruled that the only similarity between Migos’ hit and Pickett’s “Walk It Like I Talk It” is the lyric “walk it-talk it,” which is a “short and commonplace phrase” and has also been used by artists before Pickett, including in Paul Wall‘s “March ‘n’ Step,” Young Jeezy‘s “3 A.M.” and Wiz Khalifa‘s “Be Easy.”

“Having carefully listened to the two songs, the Court concludes that the similarity between the two works concerns only ‘unprotectible elements’ of Plaintiff’s Work,” the court stated.

Torres also argued that Pickett had not registered a copyright for the composition before filing the lawsuit.

Featuring vocals by Drake, the song originally debuted at No. 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 at the time of its release.

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