Milo Ventimiglia Raves About Mandy Moore Being a Mom (Exclusive)

Milo Ventimiglia is delighted that Mandy Moore is officially a mom. The 43-year-old actor shared with ET’s Lauren Zima how he’s keeping up with his This Is Us co-star while she’s on maternity leave. The 36-year-old actress and her husband, Taylor Goldsmith, welcomed baby boy Gus in February.

“She’s sent photos and videos and we FaceTimed a couple of times. I’ve gotten to see Gus sleeping, which is just wonderful,” Ventimiglia said. “I’ve said it so many times, but Mandy and Taylor are just the most lovely people, and the kind of people you want to be parents, raising someone, especially considering what the world is.”

“Knowing they’re in charge of someone that will make a huge impact, hopefully, in the world, it’s exciting. I’m just super excited [to be] supporting the two of them,” he continued. “… Whatever the kid needs for the rest of their life, I’ll be there.”

Moore’s life has changed greatly since welcoming her son, but Ventimiglia said his TV wife is “still the same Mandy to me.”

“As I understand it from other friends who have kids, it’s like the second your baby’s born your world changes, you are at that point now living for that new life. So I imagine things have changed for Mandy,” he said. “But, for me, Mandy’s still the same she’s always been, a wonderful person. She’s always been a wonderful friend. She’s always been an incredible talent in front of the camera. For me, I see the same thing, her life is just a lot bigger now with Gus around.”

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Ventimiglia also noted that he’s “very much looking forward to” welcoming Moore back to set, and noted that he and the other cast members would “all be excited” to meet her baby boy in person. One thing he’s not looking forward to, though, are This Is Us‘ flash forwards, which show the Pearson family gathering together as Moore’s Rebecca is at the end of her life.

“I’m sure we’re lining up toward that ultimate reunion that we’ve been seeing happening, with Rebecca maybe close to her end. What that’s gonna look like, man, I’m getting emotional even thinking about that,” he said. “… My TV wife maybe meeting her end just got me strangely emotional all of the sudden… I get a little emotional.”

While Ventimiglia remained tightlipped about the identity of the person in the SUV at the lake house, he teased how the return of Nicky, his character, Jack’s, brother, will play out.

“Nicky’s a complex character. He’s a complicated human being. I think he’s very much not one note. He is a very dynamic individual,” Ventimiglia said. “He’s lived a lot of life even though it seems like he’s just hung out in his shell for the last 40 or 50 years. I think he’s going to help Kevin discover a lot. I think he’s gonna help his own world be a little more freed.”

“I’m just happy for him to be in a family setting. I think it’s important — whether it’s the family you’re born into, or the family you’ve been estranged from, or the family you create — for the people to come together,” he added. “I’m excited for Nicky to be a part of the Pearson journey ’cause he carries the name.”

As for where the show will end up when it says goodbye for good, Ventimiglia only said, “The last several episodes, they’re gonna be a ride.”

This Is Us airs Tuesdays on NBC.

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