Miranda Lambert Has a Ton of Tattoos and We Need to Discuss Them

Along with her opening act RaeLynn and her backup singer Gwen Sebastian, Miranda got this teeny-tiny music note tattooed on her forearm during her 2015 Certified Platinum Tour.

Unclear what the significance behind this arrow is, but we can all agree it’s pretty chic as far as giant hand tattoos go.

Sadly, you can’t see these tattoos all that well here because of Miranda’s strappy sandals, but one of them says “wild” and the other is a giant feather. So…wild feather? IDK, but feel free to spend the next several hours forming conspiracy theories about their meaning and somehow relating ’em back to Blake Shelton!

Miranda has a small cross on her wrist, the meaning of which hasn’t been revealed but is likely a shout-out to her Christian faith. Also, should I dye the ends of my hair pink?

Because she’s blowing in the wind, duh. JK, no idea what this one means, but it sure is cuuute.

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