‘Missed you’ Our Yorkshire Farm fans react as Amanda Owen ends social media break

Amanda Owen reveals the early birth of a new lamb

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Amanda Owen, 47, lives on Ravenseat farm with her nine children and husband Clive Owen, along with the many farm animals. She was welcomed back to social media today with open arms after the farmer took a break from posting this month.

In good company.

Amanda Owen

Amanda took to social media yesterday to share a string of four pictures showing a snippet of farm life over the past week.

The photos include a selfie with two of her children, another with them laying on hay and then a snippet of three of her children on their land.

She captioned the post in view of her 190,400 Twitter followers: “In good company #shepherdess #yorkshire #sheep #sunshine #terriers.”

Many fans took to the comments to send the shepherdess positive messages on her return to social media.

NoreenClarke151 said: “Hello Owen family! Missed your tweets.”

SonghurstP added: “Great to see your photos again. Keep them coming as they make my day!”

Nicky_speight commented: “Missed your photos. It’s a cold one today.”

Wendywitchiepoo added: “I wish I had your health and stamina.

“I love all of your updates xxxxx.”

Prior to this Amanda had not posted since January 31 on Twitter when she showed a snippet of her BBC show, Winter Walks.

Amanda recently opened up on a “big problem” at her farm which had left the family without any water.

Due to having no water, the family had to clean their teeth in the river.

In her book, Celebrating the Seasons with The Yorkshire Shepherdess, she said: “We had another big problem – no running water in the farmhouse.

“I’ve got a weather station in the farmyard and could see that the temperature had dropped to -12C during the night.

“Our water system is piped down from a natural spring further up the moor and we worried that the water in the pipes would freeze.”

The shepherdess went on to explain how she was woken up at 4am by their cows bellowing loudly to find their tapes were bone dry.

Amanda added: “Cows drink copious amounts of water, especially when they are producing milk for suckling calves, so he spent a good hour stomping around in the dark, trying to work out exactly where the problem lay.

“We are fortunate to have a supply of our own spring water, but when it ceases flowing it is our responsibility to rectify any issues.

“Once the children were up, we relayed the bad news, knowing from a previous experience that this would be a pretty miserable period.”

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