Molly-Mae laughs at trolls who called her ‘ugly with small hands & no brain’

Molly-Mae Hague has laughed at trolls who branded her "fat and ugly with small hands and no brain".

The Love Island star was spending time with her mum and her sister Zoe, and she shared a video of them all driving together on the way to dinner.

She aims the camera at her mum, who's driving, as a voice in the background, believed to be Zoe, let rip in a hilarious impression of the online trolls who've plagued Molly-Mae since her time in the villa.

She was heard saying: "Pudgy knees, fat, put on six stone since leaving the villa, ugly, no hair, literally ugly…

"Ugly small hands, with no brain."

Molly-Mae heard laughing hysterically as the trolls' comments were read out.

She captioned the video: "She kills me. And you guys all thought she was savage to me in the villa… this is just the way we are."

Later in the night, Zoe posted a picture of Molly-Mae smiling and sipping on a drink during their family dinner.

Molly-Mae has had a tough time with trolls since leaving the ITV show over the summer.

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