Monica Lewinsky Had Suicidal Thoughts During Clinton Affair Scandal

Monica Lewinsky says she had suicidal ideations during the scandal over her affair with Bill Clinton because she couldn’t see a way out … but a psychiatrist helped her through it and possibly saved her life.

Monica revealed her mental health struggles amid the investigation into the Clinton scandal to CNN’s David Axelrod on Thursday’s episode of his podcast, telling him she thought killing herself might be a solution.

Lewinksy says it went as far as her asking the lawyers working for Ken Starr — who was leading the investigation — what would happen if she died.

According to Monica … it’s inexcusable there was no protocol back then to help someone in her situation, but thankfully she began seeing a forensic psychiatrist who guided her through it.

She adds … “And so I was, you know, pretty, pretty lucky.”

Monica’s infamous experience is back in the spotlight thanks to the latest installment of “American Crime Story” on FX — ‘Impeachment’ — for which she’s a producer. BTW, the show is great and — because Monica was so involved — it gives never-before insight into her relationship with Clinton and Linda Tripp.

As we reported … Lewinsky says she’s finally reclaimed her life’s narrative and harbors no more resentment from the scandal, but still feels like Clinton should want to apologize.

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