NBA YoungBoy’s Mom Blasts Wendy Williams for Commenting on Son and Yaya Mayweather’s Relationship

During the Wednesday, February 24 episode, the TV personality also discusses the controversy surrounding Yaya after a video of Yaya holding her baby unsafely while aboard a moving yacht went viral.

AceShowbizWendy Williams talked about Yaya Mayweather being mom-shamed online in a new episode of her talk show. During the Wednesday, February 24 episode, the TV personality showed the viral video of Yaya holding her baby unsafely while aboard a moving yacht.

“Now, she’s being slammed for taking her one-month old son on a boat. First of all, no one’s wearing masks,” Wendy said while the clip, which featured Yaya jumping on the cushions while holding her baby, played on the screen. Referring to Melissia Rene, the host continued, “Second of all, that is her mother though there and they’re on a boat.”

Wendy added, “Look, it’s not, it wouldn’t be my choice. You know, if I had a daughter and she had just had a baby, and she’s 20 years old, … I’d crack her skull, catch the baby and call DYFS myself. You know?” However, she continued, “But this boat is probably a huge yacht. The mother’s doing more jumping around.”

“By the way, they were on the cushions. So you know, if you’re not steady on your feet, which I’m not, I don’t know how you are jumping on cushions on a yacht, on the water, with a one-month-old baby in your arms. It just doesn’t look good,” added Wendy, though she claimed that she wasn’t “gonna judge.”

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Wendy also mentioned Yaya’s baby daddy NBA YoungBoy (YoungBoy Never Broke Again), who is a father of seven. “He’s only 21 years old. Nope, he looks very happy to be out of the house,” she commented on the rapper. “Seven kids at twenty one. That’s worse than holding a baby on a boat.”

The comment apparently didn’t sit well with NBA YoungBoy’s mom Sherhonda Gaulden. Writing on Instagram, she blasted Wendy, “This ugly b***h don’t have nothing better to do than talk s**t about people raise the dress up and let us see if you have a d**k How you doing !!!!”

Wendy has yet to respond to the diss.

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