Nicholas Hoult Opens Up About His Love of Acting

Nicholas Hoult is on the cover of Esquire Singapore‘s November 2018 issue, out now.

Here’s what the 28-year-old actor had to say…

On relationships: “When you’re younger, you scatter yourself all over the place, and then eventually when you get a little older, you think, ‘Okay, let’s just focus on the important relationships.’”

On his art: “You know when you see things and it doesn’t make you feel anything? I want to avoid that, if possible. Both in terms of when I’m doing the work and when people are reacting to it. I want to avoid nonchalance.”

On acting: “I’m very fortunate. I found something as a kid that I really enjoyed, then was lucky enough to turn that into a career. Also, it’s a career where I’m constantly getting to learn new things, to run toward new things. That’s what I love about pretending to be new people. You learn new passions that you didn’t have, and you learn about history that you don’t know. And then you strive to create an environment for other people around you to do the same.”

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