Paola Mayfield Slams Trolls Bashing Her For Having ‘Dangerous’ Pit Bull With Baby On The Way

This pregnant ’90 Day Fiance’ star just posted the sweetest pic with her dog — but fans had more to say about the breed than Paola’s budding baby bump. See her epic response!

Paola Mayfield, 31, hasn’t even given birth yet, and she’s already being mom shamed for having a Pit bull with a baby on the way. The reality star shared a sweet shot sitting on the porch with her dog on Nov. 25 writing, “I hope you guys had a great #thanksgiving. So much to be thankful for every day.” But while her baby bump was on full display in a skintight strapless dress, 90 Day Fiance fans were more focused on the pooch she was petting. “Paola, please never allow a Pit bull around your child,” one wrote. “Hundreds of children have been killed by them. Pit bulls were bred for bloodsport and are simply not safe to have around children. You’re welcome to contact me if you need more information and statistics to help convince your husband.”

So what did Paola have to say about that? She started by clarifying that she didn’t even think that her hound was a Pit bull — and wouldn’t care if she was. “And so what if she is a Pit bull?” the reality star wrote. “I care less if my dog has part Pit bull. I love her like that and I wouldn’t get rid of her because I know who my dog is! I’m not being misinformed about anything, and I have better things to do than check if my rescued hound mix dog is a Pit bull or not. At the end I wouldn’t get rid of her!” When a fan added that she was absolutely sure the canine was that specific breed, Paola added, “I didn’t know you were there with me when I rescued her. And if she were to be a Pit bull I wouldn’t be ashamed.”

Believe it or not, the dog wasn’t the only thing the mom-to-be was shamed for. Her dyed platinum strands were under fire as well! The only problem? She didn’t actually color her hair.

I hope you guys had a great #thanksgiving ? so much to be thankful for everyday❤️

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That’s right — Paola has been wearing a wig! We love that she’s switching up her style throughout her pregnancy and hope she keeps it up despite all of the negative comments. Haters are going to hate, but this 90 Day Fiance star knows just how to keep fans on their toes!

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