Patsy Kensit admits only two of her marriages were 'significant'

‘I married all my boyfriends… I’ve learned I needn’t do that’, Patsy Kensit says as she admits only two of her four marriages were ‘significant’

  • Soap star, now 54, says she realised she didn’t need to marry so many boyfriends
  • The Holby City actress even appears to have airbrushed two of four ex-husbands
  • She first married in 1988 when she was 22 and famously wedded Liam Gallagher
  • But today, Miss Kensit is single and ‘dating’, she candidly admitted on a podcast 

Despite a long career in showbusiness, it is perhaps for her tangled love life that Patsy Kensit is best known.

And now – at the age of 54 – she says she has finally realised that it wasn’t necessary to walk down the aisle with so many of her boyfriends.

In fact, the former Holby City star even appears to have airbrushed two of her four exes from her list of husbands.

Patsy Kensit (right) married first husband Dan Donovan in 1988 when she was just 22

Kensit (left) poses with her highest profile husband, Liam Gallagher (right) in London, 1999

The actress, who first got married in 1988 when she was 22, is divorced from Dan Donovan, from 1980s pop group Big Audio Dynamite, Simple Minds front man Jim Kerr, Oasis singer Liam Gallagher and, most recently, Nineties DJ Jeremy Healy.

Miss Kensit with second husband Jim Kerr of Simple Minds, father to one of her two sons

But today, single and ‘dating’, Miss Kensit candidly admits that only two of her four journeys down the aisle were ‘significant marriages’. They are those to Kerr and Gallagher – fathers respectively to her sons James, 28, and Lennon, 22, both of whom still live with her in north London.

She told the Postcards From Midlife podcast: ‘Well, I married all my boyfriends, so… that was something that I’ve learned I needn’t do. I can’t change the rules of the law… [but] I was with Jim, and Lennon’s dad for years, so I kind of count them as my two marriages.

‘I know that’s not allowed, I know there was a ceremony. But I feel that those were the really significant relationships and very, very deep and wonderful in so many ways.’

Miss Kensit wed Donovan in 1988 but they split in 1991. A year later, she married Kerr but they divorced in 1995. By 1997, Miss Kensit was married to Gallagher. They split in 2000 and it took nine years before Miss Kensit walked down the aisle again, this time marrying Healy.

They had been friends since the 1980s. But they went their separate ways in 2010, citing work pressures.

Having divorced fourth husband Jeremy Healy (left) in 2010, Kensit is now single and dating

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