Prince Charles told Andrew to stay out of sight or else he would be banished

Do you genuinely believe that Queen Elizabeth came up with the idea that Prince Andrew needed, suddenly, to be stripped of his patronages and his HRH style? I do not. I think it was all about Prince Charles, who has been acting as regent in all but name for months now. I even doubt that the Queen’s conversation with Andrew was all that harsh or punitive. At this point, given the “Queen Camilla” crap, it looks more like a quid pro quo. The Queen secured some protection and money for Andrew, in exchange she signed off on the Queen Camilla statement. But when Liz is gone… you better believe that Charles will let Andrew rot. Charles apparently doesn’t even want to see Andrew anywhere near Windsor Castle.

Prince Charles has told Andrew to stay out of the line of sight and could banish him from Windsor Castle ahead of his sex case trial in New York, according to reports. The Prince of Wales, 73, is said to have felt deceived after his brother assured him three years ago the rumours surrounding his accuser, Virginia Giuffre, and paedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein would go away.

The Duke of York, 61, hasn’t been spotted near the castle since being stripped of his prestigious honorary military roles by the Queen last month. And he could even be turned out of the Royal Lodge, where he lives with ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, and Windsor itself when Charles takes over as King, it is claimed.

A royal source told The Sun: ‘Charles wants Andrew out of the line of sight and out of the picture. He has been warned to keep his head down. Charles does not want Andrew to be photographed every other day looking happy and waving as he is driven to the castle. Eventually Andrew will be made to leave Windsor and could get several million pounds from the Royal Family. But he has made it clear that he will hang on for dear life.’

Sources reportedly refused to rule out the Duke remarrying 62-year-old Fergie, who he divorced in 1996, if they were left to provide for themselves.

The comments come as Charles and Camilla cement their dominance within the Royal Family, after it was revealed on Monday that the Queen gave her blessing to crown the Duchess as Queen Consort – as opposed to Princess Consort – years ago.

[From The Daily Mail]

I’m not going to criticize Charles for this? It speaks volumes about this f–king family that Andrew would have to be specifically told that popping up all the time in front of photographers is a bad look. And usually, at least once a week, Andrew is photographed coming and going from Windsor Castle, or out riding in Great Windsor Park. It’s a terrible look! But really, what Charles is telling Andrew is: stop trying to manipulate our mother. Andrew is usually the only one around Windsor on a daily basis. He’s used to popping by to see the Queen. Charles is telling him: don’t let me see your dumbass around our mom. It’s very Godfather Part II. And once again, once Mama Corleone kicks the bucket, Fredo/Andrew will attend the funeral… and days later, he’ll be taken out for a short boat ride on Lake Tahoe. Remember when sources said that Charles was thinking of banishing Andrew to Scotland? I wonder if that’s still on the table? Sending Andrew to Balmoral to live permanently… that sounds like a good possibility for Charles.

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