Prince Harry Feels To Blame For Duchess Meghan Being So Stressed

The royal family has been just as miserable as our peasant families the last few months, and the tabloids say that has to do with Duchess Meghan coming in and firing off sunrise emails to staff and making sure the royal staff keep Kleenex readily available for Duchess Kate. The press has feasted on her left and right, and Prince Harry feels like it’s all his fault that her life is such a stress basket these days. Yes, enabling her to leave basic cable for tiara time and making millions off waving to strangers is a TERRIBLE thing for you to have done, Harry!

Us Weekly says Meghan is still pregnant, still stressed, and still generally miserable over her new life. It also sounds like she finally got around to learning how to leak her side of the story to the media because a “royal insider” served the tea that sounds strangely pro-Meghan compared the usual “SHE’S A MONSTER!” headlines to which we’ve all grown accustomed:

“Meghan made a huge sacrifice by moving across the pond, away from her mom and friends.Marrying into the royal family isn’t anywhere near as glamorous as it seems, so in a lot of ways Harry feels responsible for Meghan being so miserable.”

I mean, if you can believe some reports, we can automatically return that “scoop” with some side eye and heaping does of “What friends?” However, I have heard the royal family views Buckingham Palace about as comfortable as a Motel 6 by the airport, so she does have a point there. On the other, I imagine it’s fun to just sit around drinking booze with THE QUEEN and finding new things to write about Duchess Camilla in the royal burn book.

That being said, TMZ says Meghan actually does have some legit stress this week because her half brother, Thomas Markle Jr., got arrested for a DUI earlier today in Oregon. Junior is the one who sent Prince Harry a letter that said, “It’s not too late. Meghan Markle is obviously not the right woman for you.” I mean, Michael K did the same thing for different reasons, so get in line, Junior! Don’t fret, Samantha Markle has already squawked to the press saying the drinking was unrelated to Meghan. Thomas Markle Sr., already on TMZ’s speed dial, told them his son has a serious drinking problem and needs help.

But back to Meghan! It does sound like PHG wants to issue public rebuttals to all the bad press she is getting, but QE2 must cock block him:

“He’s wanted to publicly make a statement many times defending Meghan and addressing the false rumors. But was advised not to.”

Ah, well, Harry. I’m sure you can find a new way to make it up to your gal. Hell, you’ve shown in the past you enjoy a good (albeit offensive) costume. Why not dress up like a Deal Or No Deal chick, fill a briefcase full of cash with Grammy’s face on it, and give it to your gal? That will cheer her right up!


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