Prince Louis' Instagram vs. Reality Pic Is Truly Glorious

Prince Louis is out here celebrating his second birthday, and Kate Middleton (er, one of Kate Middleton’s social media managers) hit up Instagram and shared a fleet of adorable photos of him making rainbow prints with his hands.

Everyone can agree that these pics are next level cute, but you might be wondering how the hell Louis managed to only get paint on his hands when literally any other child would manage to smear it on every available surface.

Answer: he didn’t. Kensington Palace went ahead and posted another batch of photos from the series that they captioned “Instagram vs Reality,” featuring Louis looking Pinterest perfect in the first snap, and then posing with paint smeared all over his face in the second. A mood.

FYI, Prince Louis will be celebrating his birthday at home this year, with a source telling Us Weekly, “Unfortunately Kate’s had to call off Louis’ big birthday party because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the celebrations haven’t been completely canceled. They’ll just do something smaller with immediately family only. If the weather is nice, William’s planning to cook some chicken and burgers on BBQ and play outdoor sports and games as a family—football, chase and hide and seek. And obviously Louis will have a cake too! He’s so excited about his big day and is already singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to himself.”

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