Prince William was given wavy forelocks in newly-minted coins for his 40th b-day

Prince William turns 40 years old in a little less than a month. While everyone has been preoccupied with all things Jubbly, it’s worth noting that the Windsors are probably going to do some big parties and activities around William’s 40th. They’ll likely throw a big birthday party for him – and sort of for Kate as well – and it will be the first big royal birthday bash in years. I expect William will get some fancy new titles or patronages, and I also expect a children’s treasury of embiggening puff pieces about how big, strong and hairy he is. It will be especially interesting because many of those embiggening pieces will come out post-Jubbly, meaning William will want to set certain narratives in place following the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s visit.

Well, we’re getting a preview of all of that birthday embiggening. For the first time, the Royal Mint is dedicating a special coin with William’s image in honor of his 40th. The image is… remarkable.

The £5 coin is being unveiled ahead of Prince William’s 40th birthday on 21st June.

— Cameron Walker (@CameronDLWalker) May 22, 2022

The forelock!!! The fact that they gave him a little wavy forelock when William hasn’t had anything resembling that kind of hair for many years. They also made him look like he’s grinding his teeth, which (honestly) checks out. But the hair is driving me crazy! The image was designed and engraved by Thomas T. Dockerty, and the coin will include William’s royal cypher (“W”) and the number 40. The Queen will be on the other side of the coin. I mean… I’m a minor coin collector and numismatist, so I’m slightly interested in these coins merely for their rarity and specialness. But lord, this is such a terrible likeness of William. He had to have approved it, right?

Photos courtesy of Instar, Avalon Red.

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