Rachel Riley shares all the details of wonderful home birth after welcoming baby Noa

Rachel Riley has shared all the details of the 'wonderful' home birth of her daughter, two weeks after welcoming little Noa.

Talking to ITV's Lorraine today the Countdown star joked that she had "her stretch pants on" and that she will be keeping them on for "the next few months"

Rachel met her husband Pasha Kovalev on Strictly Come Dancing and newborn Noa is the couple's second child.

Laughing, she told Lorraine that she "didn't get a glitter ball on the show" but that she was pleased that "she did get a husband" out of it.

Discussing home birthing with the talk show host, Rachel said she had a fab team around her and that she was advised to home birth her second child after having daughter Maven, now two, at home.

She went on to say: "The first time, I accidentally had Maven in the bathroom, and the midwives at that point said that if you have another baby, don't even try and get to the hospital."

Continuing with the story of Noa's birth: "It was great, it was about fours hours, and she popped out and the midwives got around about 45 minutes before with the gas and air.

"And then Pasha made me tea and toast in bed and tucked me in."

Lorraine added: "As if you couldn't love him anymore."

Commenting on how cute and cuddly baby Noa looked, Lorraine quickly moved the topic of conversation to someone who was "less cuddly", and that would be Countdown's newest host Anne Robinson.

There has been a reported feud between the mathematician and EX-The Weakest Link presenter Anne.

"You know not to believe tabloids," she opened up with, and despite seeing recent headlines about the alleged tension, she "has been on maternity leave" for several weeks.

She did, however, confirm "that she isn't the cuddliest person in the world" and that she is making the show "her own."

Taking to Twitter just before making her appearance, Rachel shared an image of herself holding little Noa and a copy of her new book Sixes And Sevens that she spoke about on the show.

She said: "Last spot of breakfast for madam before @lorraine this morning! Talking maths books #AtSixesAndSevens, babies and Countdown in 20 odd minutes time, see you then!"

Lorraine retweeted and said: "Lovely to see you @RachelRileyRR – good luck with #atsixesandsevens."

One fan commented: "I was watching this morning and I saw you. You were glowing "

The new book promotes "maths positivity" and to help those who may have struggled to learn maths in the past.

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