‘RHOBH’: Brandi Glanville Reveals What Denise Richards Allegedly Said About Co-Stars Behind Their Backs

Brandi Glanville tells the stars of ‘RHOBH’ that Denise Richards has been saying some seriously cruel things about them without their knowledge.

Brandi Glanville is warning the ladies of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that their cast-mate Denise Richards can’t be trusted. She tells them that the 49-year-old former Bond girl has been seriously dissing them behind their backs. In a new teaser clip ahead of the July 22 episode on Bravo, Brandi, 47, meets up with Kyle, 51, and Kim Richards, 55, as well as Teddi Mellencamp, 39,  at Kyle’s home to discuss what Denise has allegedly been saying about her fellow cast mates.

Kyle is seen first as she explains, “Denise wants to run from the truth. She has all these feelings but she doesn’t want to say it.” Brandi then cautions  the group, “I just want you guys to be careful with her cause she’s not who she pretends to be.” Kim chimes in to add, “She did something to Brandi which I think is just…it’s your thing,” with a look of great concern on her face.

“I don’t want to go totally into it, but what you see isn’t what you get,” Brandi tells everyone as Kyle’s mouth literally drops in shock. Brandi then turns to Teddi and reveals, “She doesn’t like you at all. At all. She’s said horrible things about you. You’re obnoxious. You’ll do anything to be in this group cause you’ve lived under your dad’s shadow all of your life. It’s just like, mean,” Brandi says, referring to Teddi’s rock star dad John Mellencamp, 68.

In a confessional, Teddi then explains, “I gave her (Denise) the opportunity to come clean on everything she’s feeling. I know the way I’ve been feeling,” as a flashback is shown to five days prior to when she had a conversation with Denise. Teddi asked her, “If something’s bothering you with me, tell me,” and Denise snapped back, “I already told you.” That causes Teddi to tell the camera, “Say it to my face. Cause I know the way I’ve been feeling, I’ll say it to your face,” referring to Denise.

“Rinna said she doesn’t like me, what did I do?” Kyle asks Brandi, referring to cast mate Lisa Rinna, 57. However, Denise has apparently been doing some double-crossing, as Brandi breaks the news, “She doesn’t like Rinna either.” She also explains that when Denise is around her cast mates, “She’s like ‘why do they all want to fight me?’” Teddi interjects, “She plays this chill, laid back cool person. But she knows what she’s doing.”

Kyle then wonders why Denise would tell Brandi such things about everyone without the fear of it getting back to them, knowing how “open and honest” the former full time show member is. Brandi then drops some big mystery news to the ladies, revealing, “She feels like she can tell me things cause she has something on me,” while fidgeting nervously with her hair. Kyle takes notice of it, revealing in a confessional that, “I’ve never seen Brandi so nervous. Normally when she’s upset it just comes spilling out of her mouth.”

Kim indicates again that she knows more than the rest of the group when it comes to Brandi and Denise. “I’m just saying, what she did to you is wrong. And she’s not your friend,” Kim explains to Brandi with great concern. You can tune in tonight to see what else Brandi is going to spill about Denise when the new episode of RHOBH airs at 9pm ET/PT on Bravo.

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