Rob Gronkowski Didn’t Come Out of Retirement Just To Join Tom Brady in Tampa Bay

Rob Gronkowski gets a hug from his mom Diane during his interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Turns out that Diane is the biggest reason that he came out of NFL retirement to join Tom Brady on the Tampa Bay Buccanneers.

“Of course, it didn’t hurt that Tom went to Tampa and the opportunity was there to go to Tampa,” Rob shared during his interview. “Tom was like the appetizer, and there were a few other reasons – I love the weather.”

He added that the “main reason I came down to Tampa was because my mother lives two hours away.”

“She can get to all eight of my home games. Whenever I have days off, she’s two hours down the street and I get to see her. She’s super excited,” Rob added just seconds before the hug came.

If you recall, Rob followed Tom to the team shortly after the latter was traded.

Later on in the show, Rob participated in an at-home obstacles in a game called “What Can’t Gronk Do!?” After completing the tasks, he raised $10,000 for the Gronk Nation Youth Foundation.

Check out both videos below!

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