Rob Kardashian’s Low Blow Attack On Blac Chyna! Something Strange With Kanye West! AND… | Perez Hi

Blac Chyna is about to go bananas! Rob Kardashian filed a motion saying he’s too poor to keep up his child support payments and he wants HER to pay him!!! That’s a dirty move!!

We reveal how the Kris Jenner hides her families assets, which will come in very handy in Rob’s custody fight!

Is Kim Kardashian writing Kanye West’s tweets now? WE THINK SO IS!

Armie Hammer is telling people how to grieve Stan Lee – seriously!

Jaden Smith proclaims he has a boyfriend!

And more of today’s hottest topics, including Lady GaGa, Donald Trump, Kim Basinger, Megan Fox and MORE! Watch! LINKS BELOW!

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ROB KARDASHIAN goes to court and claims he has no money:


BLAC CHYNA wants to settle lawsuit with KarJenner sisters:


KIM KARDASHIAN says Kanye West smells like money:


SET DESIGNER denies Kanye West copied Lorde:


KANYE WEST delays album – again:


ARMIE HAMMER upset celebs posting pics with Stan Lee:


CNN sues Donald Trump over Jim Acosta:


IRELAND BALDWIN mad at police officer over Malibu fires:


LADY GAGA visits Malibu fires evacuees in shelter:


MEGAN FOX alienating stepson from siblings:


JADEN SMITH says Tyler The Creator is his boyfriend:

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