Rush’s Alex Lifeson Doesn’t Feel ‘Inspired And Motivated’ To Play After Neil Peart’s Death

Rush‘s Alex Lifeson said during an episode of “Talking Golf With Ann Liguori” on WFAN that he doesn’t feel inspired or motivated to play guitar after the death of drummer Neil Peart.

Peart passed away on January 7 after after a three-and-a-half-year battle with brain cancer.

Lifeson spoke about his lack of motivation when asked if he and Rush bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee had talked about getting back on stage together.

“Not really. It’s been difficult. After Neil passed in January, I’ve played very little guitar – I just don’t feel inspired and motivated,” he said.

“I just don’t feel it in my heart right now. Every time I pick up a guitar, I just aimlessly mess around with it and put it down after 10 minutes,” Lifeson added. “Normally, I would pick up a guitar and I would play for a couple of hours without even being aware that I’m spending that much time. So I know it’ll come back.”

According to Lifeson, he and his two bandmates (Geddy and Peart) were “beyond brothers” after spending more than 40 years playing together.

“It was more like we’d been at war together, and we had this connection even when we didn’t see each other for months,” he explained.

Rush played their final show in Los Angeles on August 1, 2015. Peart indicated at the time that he wanted to retire while he was still able to play well. He also expressed the desire to spend more time at home with his young daughter.

Last week, Rush’s 1980 album Permanent Waves celebrated its 40th anniversary with a reissue on 2CD Deluxe Edition, 3LP Deluxe Edition, a Deluxe Digital Edition and a Super Deluxe Edition.

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