Sammy Hagar Reacts To Synthwave Cover Of Van Halen’s ‘Dreams’

Sammy Hagar has praised Arena‘s synthwave-style interpretation of the Van Halen song “Dreams,” saying it is “very tasteful, very cool” through a video message he shared with the creators.

“I wanna tell you guys I love what Arena did with ‘Dreams,'” Hagar said. “I gotta say, that’s probably the hardest song in my repertoire to sing. I love the way you went to low and then went up to supersonic, and pulled it off. … Very tasteful, very cool. Good luck with this. I’m behind ya!”

“Arena’s cover of Dreams could be my favorite cover anyone has done of any of my songs,” he added. “I’ll give it five stars and a must-hear.”

Expressing happiness at Hagar’s comments, Joey Arena said he “choked up” when he was told of Hagar’s approval.

“I have experienced some great achievements as a musician, but this personally surpasses all of that,” he added. “I cannot thank him and his team enough for making a dream come true.”

Ice Nine Kills guitarist Justin deBlieck, who played the role of Eddie Van Halen on Arena’s version, said, “Soon after he mentioned he’d like to reimagine a Van Halen song, it was almost immediately that we knew ‘Dreams’ was going to be the one. As huge fans of the Hagar era, it was a no-brainer.”

“Dreams” first appeared on 5150, Hagar’s first album with Van Halen, in 1986.

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