Sarah Jessica Parker's Shady Response To Sex And The City Revival Rumors

Is it just us, or is Sarah Jessica Parker NOT happy with this possible spoiler for the Sex and the City reboot getting out?

In case you missed it, John Corbett spilled some beans about the HBO Max revival series, currently titled And Just Like That… Specifically he told Page Six he was coming back to be in the show — and even more importantly teased he “might be in quite a few” episodes!

You pair that with the rumor we’d previously heard that Chris Noth was not returning as Mr. Big, and you’ve got a fan community going NUTS with speculation. Could Carrie Bradshaw end up with Aidan Shaw instead? After all these years, could they be throwing us another romcom curveball and giving our protagonist a new happily ever after??

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Well, obviously we’re all curious what SJP herself has to say about all this hubbub. Thankfully she didn’t shy away from responding — though her comment may leave a few folks cold…

Instagram fan account @everyoutfitonsatc posted the news of Aidan’s reported return, quipping:

“On this momentous day, we want to extend our deepest congratulations to all of the Aidan stans out there. We may not agree with you (as we have a serious aversion to turquoise jewelry) but we admire your passion nonetheless. YOU did this!”

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Ha! Hilariously, IRL Carrie actually does follow the account — and responded to the news with her own comment, writing:

“I’m not saying one way or another whether our beloved Mr. Corbett’s interview deals in facts or fiction, but the response is amazing to read…x.”

“Not saying one way or another”? Wow, does she sound like a politician responding to a scandal or what??

Man, this revival has got everyone as tight-lipped as a Marvel movie all of a sudden. Are we really that scared of spoilers for SATC?!

You know what? That kind of secrecy actually makes us more inclined to believe the writers might pull out some crazy twists and turns — like, for instance, having Aidan come back into Carrie’s life after her divorce from (or maybe even the death of) Mr. Big.

After all, if it was just the same old stories we know and love already, you wouldn’t need to hide anything… right??

Do YOU think Carrie is going to get back with Aidan in the revival??

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