Selena Gomez STUNS in “Ice Cream” Bikini as HBOMax Renews Cooking Show for Second Season

Selena Gomez is a beloved singer and actress, a mental health advocate, and a good person.

She is also absolutely gorgeous in this new bikini photo.

The beautiful and talented Selena Gomez is wearing a sailor-inspired red and white striped bikini.

This thirst trap of an outfit is completed with white gloves and a hat that is giving us pure nautical vibes.

To put the finishing touch on the look, she hair is serving body and length like a mermaid.

The photo is the stuff of which dreams are made.

But what is the context?

Selena Gomez simply captioned the sweltering pic with three ice cream emojis.

The reason for that is simple: she’s coming out with a new song. Sort of.

On Friday, August 28, her collaboration with the K-pop group Blackpink is coming out.

The song is called “Ice Cream.” And it’s exactly the tasty treat that we need at the end of this deeply weird summer.

You can see the teaser for the music video, as we have attached it to this article.

Notably, K-pop’s popularity has been on the rise in the US in recent years.

K-pop stans are even acting as a political force for good, drowning out racist messages on social media with their endless gifs.

Of course, Selena Gomez has stans of her own — which is what makes this collaboration such a great idea.

This isn’t Selena’s only project recently.

The other, however, is a little less musical in nature.

If you’re like me, one of your favorite new features on HBOMax was Selena + Chef.

It’s her very own cooking show where she channels adorability and cluelessness as actual chefs remotely instruct her on how to cook.

In other words, it is premium herbo cooking show content streaming directly into your eyeballs.

Good news!

On Thursday, August 27, HBOMax announced that they are already renewing Selena’s show for a second season.

The show’s barely been out for two weeks, but fans are already looking forward to a second season.

It’s not really a surprise that the show has been renewed, and we’re not just talking about how it’s relatively inexpensive as far as streaming television goes.

What can we say — the show features Selena, food, and a window into the bizarre and aching loneliness that millions are experiencing as we near six months of lockdown.

It is very much a winning combination.

For now, though, it is time to get hyped for Selena’s collab with Blackpink.

It’s a little weird to see music videos coming out during lockdown, knowing that they were filmed during the pandemic.

However, from the teasers, it looks like they took many precautions to minimize risks — from avoiding close contact to avoiding hordes of extras.

One day, we’ll again have music videos where people are making out or surrounded by dozens of tightly packed dancers … one day.

For now, we can enjoy the sweetness and light that “Ice Cream” is sure to be when it drops on Friday.

Nicki Minaj was right when she said to keep an eye out for Selener. Her talent has no limits.

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