Shaquille O’Neal Roasted Over Horrifying Picture of His Untrimmed Toenails

The former NBA super star pokes fun at his infamous mangled toes which are left uncared during the coronavirus quarantine, imploring, ‘anybody wanna take care of these for me.’

AceShowbiz -It’s no secret that Shaquille O’Neal doesn’t have the best toes, but he’s never ashamed to show them. Once again poking fun at them, the retired professional basketball player took to Instagram on Thursday, April 30 to share a photo of his feet, which are left untended while he remains in the coronavirus quarantine.

The photo gave a horrible sight of his toes, which look much worse than before with their long toenails untrimmed. As he’s not able to get the much-needed pedicure treatment, he jokingly asked his followers if there’s anybody who wants to help him with his toes. “I need my feet done, anybody wanna take care of these for me,” he wrote in the caption.

Needless to say, Shaq’s photo has prompted his fans and followers to roast him over his long toenails, with one responding to his plea, “hell naw.” Another couldn’t stand the sight of his feet, asking the NBA legend to “Bruh delete” it.

Trolling him, a third follower jokingly disputed Shaq’s claim about his feet, “Nah. That ain’t yo feet. Yours are worse.” Another couldn’t believe what he/she saw, writing, “I am PRAYING this is a sick joke. This man CANNOT be serious.”

“ain’t no way he have all that money and his feet look like that,” another baffled fan commented, while someone else compared them to “the Tyrannosaurus rex feet.” Others similarly joked, “Those feet are from the pits of hell” and “Can be used in a horror movie,” while a confused user asked, “Umm why tf they curled and brown.”

Previously in an Instagram Live with Boosie Badazz a.k.a. Lil Boosie, Shaq cracked the rapper up as he showed his mangled toes. The 48-year-old later explained that his mangled toes are the result of injuries after his long battle on the basketball court. The former Los Angeles Lakers player said that he had been playing hard on his huge size 22 feet for a long time from high school until his retirement in 2011. Acknowledging Shaq’s legendary status on the court, Boosie complimented him, “You are the GOAT.”

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