'SNL' Easter Bunny Skit Features Fauci, Britney, Trump, Leto

‘SNL’ had an Easter message Saturday night … and it was hilarious.

The show opened with the Easter Bunny, who towed along a gaggle of celebs to wish everyone a happy holy day.

Mr. Bunny began by cautioning people not to freak out … “It’s really me, the Easter Bunny. Either that, or you’re at Coachella and the shrooms are kicking in.”

E.B. was followed by Dr. Fauci — btw, Kate McKinnon just nails it with real talk about COVID.

Not to be left out … Marjorie Taylor Greene then appears clutching an AR-15, and she takes a shot at Jews, the LGBTQ community — nothing surprising.

Maybe the funniest … Jared Leto, who looks similar to another famous, historical figure.  And the caution he gives to movie reviewers is hilarious.

There were also really funny bits with Britney and NYC Mayor Eric Adams.

And lastly … Donald Trump makes an appearance … the best line — remember when Trump said COVID will be over by Easter. Well, he didn’t say which Easter, right?

Funny sketch.

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