Stephanie Davis takes a low blow at Jeremey McConnell

Relations between Stephanie Davis and ex Jeremy McConnell are turbulent at the best of times, but we’re pretty sure this latest move from the ex-Hollyoaks star will have made things even worse between the volatile exes.

In a savage swipe from Stephanie, she revealed that their son, Caben, now calls 19-year-old Caben ‘daddy’.

She posted a heartfelt message on Instagram, telling her 912,000 followers to “love like no ones watching”.

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She wrote in the lengthy post: ‘Just had to do a little post on how much I Absolutely love this man. He’s the other half of me. To think before we met we were both living different lives not knowing each other existed— is crazy. you have made me the happiest girl in the world! I cannot imagine my life before you, or without you. You are the kindest most beautiful person inside and out and I love every part that makes you, you. ❤️

Your an amazing daddy to Caben and we both love you so so much. Every day I wake up so happy & smiling knowing we have another day with each other, and every night when We go to sleep I thank god for another day with you. It’s like when you were little and you had a sleepover with your best friend but then you had to go home and would be gutted… Well your a never ending sleepover haha ( I hope that made sense to people)

I love to laugh with you, I love to do everything with you, I love to just BE. I honestly wish there was words for this feeling, but like you say, how can I describe the words when there are none for what I feel for- there are no words to describe my love for you. I love you Owen and cannot wait to spend the rest of my life and more with you. Thankyou for making me see that true love does exist and how easy it is to love you, effortless.

Your the love of my life, Forever & Always. Stephanie ❤️ @_owenwarner had the BEST time with all my family in wales for my nans 80th for this bank holiday. Feeling very blessed with my life and my beautiful son family and partner ❤️ What a poignant weekend ❤️ So happy ❤️❤️’


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