Sue Barkers Question Of Sport exit branded really sad by presenter Jake Humphrey

A Question of Sport: Sue Barker says goodbye

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Jake Humphrey, 43, is best known for being the face of BT Sport, and most recently through his podcast High Performance. Having guest appeared on a Question of Sport, Jake was sad to see Sue Barker, 65, lose her role on the show after the BBC announced a presenting and show shake up.

She is one of my broadcasting heroes.

Jake Humphrey

It was announced in September 2020 that Sue Barker, Phil Tuffnell and Matt Dawson would not be returning to the show.

A BBC spokesperson said at the time: “We would like to thank Sue for her enormous contribution as the show’s longest reigning host over the last 24 years, and Matt and Phil for their excellent team captaincy.

“Together they have ensured A Question of Sport remains a firm favourite with the BBC One audience.”

Jake has had a lengthy sports career and guest starred on the show a number of times, forming a close relationship with former show host Sue.

Speaking exclusively to, Jason said: “I was a guest on it a long time ago, and I am a massive lover and huge fan of Sue Barker.

“She is one of my broadcasting heroes, so I was really sad to see that she had left.”

Jake admitted that that he has not watched the show since it’s recent presenting change with the show now fronted by Paddy McGuiness and captains Sam Quek and Ugo Monye.

The BT Sport presenter has kept in contact with Sue over the years, with her recently sending him a positive message on Instagram after he had received criticism.

About the message Sue sent, Jason said: “It’s a good reminder to have a circle of people around you that you really trust and relate to and you understand them and they understand you.

“Those are the people we should always make sure we are listening to.”

Jake was not the only one that was “sad” after the Question of Sport presenting change, with former captain Phil speaking out about the matter.

Speaking to The Telegraph in September he said: “It wasn’t like going to work.

“It was just turning up and having a good time with your mates. And then, they sort of said, ‘Right, OK, we’re going to take it in a new direction’.”

He added: “And we sort of went, ‘Oh, crikey. That’s a shame …’.”

Jake is currently promoting his new book High Performance: Lessons From The Best on Becoming Your Best.

In this, he draws on interviews with some of the biggest celebrities from his podcast to learn their ways of life and why they are such high achievers.

About the book, Jake said: “The tricks of high performance are there for everybody and they basically involve realising that actually action leads to motivation.

“Instead of sitting around waiting for the motivation to do something with your life, take the action, begin now because you then get excited by the fact you have done it and that leads to motivation and the whole thing snowballs.

“Those I spoke to live with passion and when I say they lived with passion, they lived with passion about everything.”

High Performance: Lessons from the Best on Becoming Your Best by Jake Humphrey and Damian Hughes is published by Random House Business on 9 December.

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