Summer Walker Accused of Getting Nose Job – See the Difference

The ‘Girls Need Love’ songstress is trying to show off the new rose tattoo on her neck, but people are more focused on her nose that, in their opinion, looks different.

AceShowbiz -Has Summer Walker had plastic surgery on her face? The R&B singer has people wondering if she has gone under the knife to alter her face, her nose in particular, after she shared on Instagram on Thursday, February 13 several new photos of herself.

Summer was actually trying to show off her new tattoos in the photos. In the images, the “Girls Need Love” singer struck several poses in front of the mirror while pointing at the rose ink she got on the side of her neck. Her nose noticeably looked slimmer than before. “I loveeee ittt,” she wrote alongside the photo, thanking “Black Ink Crew” star Ceaser Emanuel for inking the drawing on her body.

However, instead of gushing over her new tat, people in the comment section were more focused on her nose. “Omg did uu get your nose done?!?!” one asked, to which another chimed in, “I thought I was the only one who seen that.” Someone commented, “Now it makes sense why she been covering her nose,” as one other wrote, “Yo nose is not the same .. I love u no matter what but that’s different right ?? Just let me know so I want be losing my mind thinking I’m tripping lol cuz I know yo face bro.”

Some people, in the meantime, were expressing their disappointment. “WHY TF YOU GET YO NOSE DONE!!! B***h you was PERFECT AF,” one lamented. “What was wrong with your nose babe ? What made you change it ? Sometimes we don’t see what insecurities the actual person see’s,” another was wondering. Another individual, on the other hand, tried to prove that Summer really went under the knife by pointing at a previous photo of hers in which the singer’s nose looked bigger.

Summer has yet to respond to the speculation.

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