Susanna Reid admits she wanted to cry after ex co-host Piers Morgan’s award show move

Piers Morgan arrives at Tric Awards after nomination

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Susanna Reid missed out on the News Presenter of the Year gong at the TRIC (Television and Radio Industries Club) Awards 2021. The statuette instead went instead to her ex Good Morning Britain co-star Piers Morgan.

I would have cried if I thought you wouldn’t think I was a total mess

Susanna Reid

The latter, 56, has today revealed what she text him after his triumph, which came complete with an emotional admission.

The outspoken journalist detailed their exchanges at the star-studded event in his latest column.

The pair had not seen each other since he sensationally quit GMB back in March.

Speaking about their reunion, Piers confirmed it had been like no time had passed at all.

“‘Oh my God, I think I’m going to cry!’ she exclaimed. ‘Well, divorces are emotional things,’ I laughed.

“We hugged, and chatted, and it was like we’d never been apart,” he recalled.

“‘How’s the campaign to replace me going?’ I asked. ‘Slowly,’ she replied. ‘Turns out there aren’t many Piers Morgans around… which is probably a huge relief for some people.'”

However, it was his “gracious” move later in the evening that came close to bringing Susanna, 50, to tears.

Piers had asked her to join him on stage, saying he wanted to share the award with him.

The mother-of-three had commented there and then: “It was a remarkable five years. It was tough, it was challenging.

“You can start an argument in an empty room. I’ve never known anyone get so worked up about sausage rolls!”

But it was after in a message to her former colleague when she explained what it had meant to her.

Piers shared: “‘That was unbelievably gracious and generous of you,’ she wrote. ‘I meant it,’ I replied. ‘We were a great team.’

“‘It meant so much. I would have cried if I thought you wouldn’t think I was a total mess.’

“‘It was the perfect way to bring down the curtain,’ I said.”

During his piece for the Daily Mail, the broadcaster also shared what his fellow nominee had said behind closed doors.

Huw Edwards had also been named in the category, and Piers quipped he wanted to “offer his sympathies” following the win.

The newsreader had initially tweeted: “I stormed out, so he won by default.”

But he DM’d Piers following this to write: “Many congratulations, you old rogue.”

Last month it was announced Piers would be launching a new show on Rupert Murdoch-owned network News Corp and Fox News Media.

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